UNIVERSAL SPECIES REFERENDUM | September 8th 2020 19-20h

Online Workshop with Cerrato-Halls
Online link will be added prior to the event 
To sign up send a message to studio@cerrato-halls.com

What would the world look like if all species had the right to vote?
Within this workshop we imagine what Universal Species Suffrage would look like if all species had not only the right to vote, but also the self determinism, value, and agency through a fair and free electoral system. In this workshop we will ask you to think like a tree, coral, ant, chicken or human. What would your world look like if you were one of these species? How would you feel about resource extraction if you were a treethreatened by deforestation for biofuels? How would you respond to climate change if you were a coral endangered by rising ocean acidity levels? What would your idea of society be if you were an ant? While absurdist, these questions break down the relationships that we currently take for granted. By asking us to reimagine the world through different species we can begin interrogating our own views on the world, how we vote in our governmental elections, and what change we would like to see in society.

MOVING IMAGE SALON hosted by Daniel & Clara | September 15th 19-21h

Moving image practitioners are invited to join us on Tues 15th September for the first online edition of the Moving Image Salon, presented in collaboration with Residency 11:11. Established in Spring 2019 by artists Daniel & Clara, the Moving Image Salon is a regular gathering in London for artists working in the fields of moving image and experimental filmmaking. It is a relaxed and open space for conversation and exchange about contemporary moving image practices, a networking event and critical forum.

The physical meetings are currently on hold due to covid-19 but on Tues 15th September we will be bringing you the first online gathering of the Moving Image Salon, this will take place on Zoom.

This session will centre around an open discussion exploring how the pandemic and lockdown have affected the creativity, imagination and creative process of moving image makers. There will be 4 featured guests, who will each give short presentations on what they have bee creating over the past six months, this will be followed by an open discussion. Any artists who work with moving image are welcome to join the conversation.

Free event but places are limited to 25 participants so please book soon to avoid disappointment. Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/moving-image-salon-online-tickets-119051541365


Organising in digital space: From decentralisation to distribution | September 24th

a discussion hosted by Colm Guo-Lin Peare, Kate Frances Lingard and Rebecca Gill

This event is an informal discussion space, drawing from chatrooms and forums where knowledge is exchanged in non-expert networks, to share ideas and learn together about digital modes of decentralisation. The discussion will focus on possible exits from centralised online platforms, governance models enabled by peer-to-peer networks, and blockchain technology. Attendees will be invited to consider: What does decentralisation mean to you? How can we apply this to the ways in which online space is organised? Can alternative architectures, such as blockchain, construct the kind of space needed for a more inclusive, caring and heterogeneous internet?  This discussion is not about searching for an utopia but rather about considering the implecations of the digital tools we use.  

For the discussion we will use a live chat feature called Etherpad, an open source, collaborative editing document and provide space to expand on these ideas. 

If you are interested in attending, please get in touch at rebeccagill.work@gmail.com. Prior to the event we will distribute a schedule and some resources that maybe of interest.

If you are unable to attend but interested in getting involved, we would love to hear from you.