Jon Cornbill will be staying with us during October 2020. Jon is an interdisciplinary artist and curator based in Newcastle and Gateshead. His work can be seen as a contemporary societal, cultural intrigue and diagnosis, stimulating discussion around the systems we live under and communities that we are part of; treading a line between a disarming, skewed humour and a gentle appetite for hope.

"Technology peaked in 2003 when you could fit your record collection on one device but that device didn't yet spy on you or retrain your brain to be a needy bundle of anxieties.”
@timescanner, 12th September 2018, Twitter

During his time with us Jon will be exploring ideas around technology and when this went from a useful tool to an indispensable all-knowing limb. In Jon’s words his project titled Tool, Not Limb, is an optimistic proclamation, a call to arms to readdress our relationship with technology. It seeks to weave together the lessons learned from Big Data, Acid House and Mark Fisher’s unfinished philosophy Acid Communism, while encouraging a positive absurd amount of commitment to ideas and beliefs: our only real weapon against emotionless neo-liberal coercion. These sentiments give us a new way to unpick our present situation and provide a toolkit to build a previously cancelled future.

As part of the residency Jon will be running small workshops, producing text works, photo compilation, zine’s and articles to distribute. He’d like to meet new people, share conversation and engage with other practitioners and potential contributors to keep Tool, Not Limb truly open and collaborative.

Keep an eye on our Instagram during October 2020 for updates and info on how Jon's residency develops with us in London. We invite you to share any interest in the project directly to