Dancefloor/ Waiting Room Laboratory

We are looking for 6 individuals to join us in an ecclectic research group that will take place in London, during our 11:11 Residency. The group will meet on four to six occasions in order to reflect on the common ground between party dancefloors and waiting rooms. Guided by Alle Dicu, artist and researcher, and Tajana Kosor, researcher in philosophy, the sessions will mainly consist in collective readings, discussions and creative writing which will eventually give shape to a collective publication. No prior experience with writing is required. However, our approach to writing is that of a tool of choice in the explorations and the expression of the ideas that will emerge. We are looking to form a non-hierarchic group, where each participant approaches our subject through the prism of their own interests in order to contaminate and shape the structure of the laboratory.  

The meeting sessions will take place surely on the 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th of November, 2019 at Behind this Wall bar, in Hackney. Two additional meetings will be discussed and arranged according to each participant’s schedule.

In order to apply to our laboratory please send us an introduction of yourself and a short text in which you explain freely the link that exists for you between a (real or imagined) dancefloor and a waiting room. All e-mails should be sent to : messagealle@gmail.com 

That which is hidden, that opens itself up to Waiting, not to be discovered, but to remain hidden.


Drawing by Thomas Lévy-Lasne