Residency 11:11 is an artist-led residency initiated by Giulia Shah aiming to be shaped by the needs of its own residents and contributors . We accept proposals from all practitioners for whom it is relevant to spend time working in London. The programme aims to connect its guests to the city’s artistic landscape, encouraging practitioners to explore local discourses and collaborations. 11:11 Support site specific research by opening up the programme’s network and contacts. By creating transnational connections Residency 11:11 asks questions about the role of the artist and how this can differ across borders, histories and economies.

In an uncertain time with lack of accessible space, Residency 11:11 aims to open up dialogues between London-based artists and practitioners working further afield. This residency is a space to discuss, reflect, research and gain feedback on your practice. Offering housing and desk space, but no ‘conventional’ artist studio facilities Residency 11:11 is interested in proposals which considers the role of the artist and challenges how knowledge is generated and shared outside of the “studio”.

Giulia Shah is an artist and currently works as part of the duo Abel Shah, in collaboration with Alexandra Bell. Residency 11:11 is housed at their home in Hampstead. 

Special thanks to Antonia Huber and Playground London for graphic design, support in setting up Residency 11:11 and offering space to house events throughout 2018, to Zsuzsa and Mirko at HOXTON 253 art project space for their ongoing support in offering their time and space to accomodate and promote residency events, to curator Mels Evers for his contribution to our residents projects and to Alexandra Bell as overall collaborator.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have anything you’d like to share or contribute.  

We offer

+ Room in a shared flat (on second floor) with two London-based artists in Hampstead: private bedroom, private bathroom, desk in room, shared living room, shared kitchen.
+ Insight into a network of artists, makers and thinkers
+ Curatorial support
+ Opportunities to discuss work in crit group or one to one tutorial meetings
+ London’s large amount of institutions and organisations

We are sad to say that 11:11’s accomodation in based on the second floor of a Victorian building and has no lift or wheelchair access.

11:11 doesn’t charge for rent but asks for a contribution of £20 per week towards bills/administration fees. (Charges are negotiable).